With a creditable work record of three decades in three continents, this media maven calls himself a curator, not just editor.

A Wellness & Spirituality Website

Media maven with zest for creating publications

Journalists can be entrepreneurs too. In 1996, when the concept of Venture Capitalist was not that common, Parveen Chopra put the power of positive thinking to find a like-minded businessman to back his magazine, Life Positive, in India. This body-mind-spirit magazine in the New Age category, chronicled a trend, in turn giving it a boost in the land that gave yoga and meditation to the world while itself lagging. The mainstream media took notice and Parveen became a go-to expert on personal and spiritual growth. After nurturing Life Positive for almost a decade, he moved to join as Spirituality & Wellness Editor with DNA (Daily News & Analysis) broadsheet launched from Mumbai.

America beckoned and he had the opportunity to take The South Asian Times, a weekly paper for the Indian community, from the drawing table to becoming a formidable brand in its category. Alongside, he conceived and edited an interfaith journal titled One World Under God.

Towards the end of 2022, he started a wellness and spirituality website, ALotusInTheMud.com. It is run by a registered not-for-profit, American Center for Wellness & Spirituality based in New York.  It was launched on January 21, 2023 at the Indian Consulate in New York. The launch was extensively covered by the media.     

Parveen Chopra became synonymous with the magazine he founded so much so that his co-workers' farewell gift to him was a framed picture of him under the masthead of Life Positive.